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Building Strong bodies with lasting princples

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Whatever your struggles may be, Men or Women I would love to help you reach your goal and see real results!

Hello and welcome to my site.  I go by the name Issabrickhouse because of my love of a strong, fit and curvy stature.  I’m a Fitness enthusiast, Trainer and motivator. 

I’m also a Mom in my 30’s representing how hard work and dedication goes a long way.  I’m all about improvement and inspiring others to becoming the very best version of themselves mentally and physically.

A strong house

I’ve studied, trained and began my fitness journey over ten years ago.

I’m continuously learning and educating myself and others on many ways to live a healthier Lifestyle. I have maintained an active lifestyle for most of my life but noticed my metabolism slowing down as I’ve gotten older as well as started a beautiful family.  I gave birth to two amazing children.

My youngest is only a toddler. I’ve given birth to my children and transformed my body back each time! It was not easy but I stuck to my plan.  I never let my duties of being a Wife, Mother and Business owner detour me from setting time aside just for me to get my mind and body back at it’s best and YOU can too! Let me Help you create a healthier and fit lifestyle that you can be proud of.

Contact me and I’ll set you up with a fitness plan Today!