“I started following Issa for a year before I actually became her client.  At the time I was still working and struggling to be consistent with my healthy eating habits.  I followed a couple of Fitness-inclined black women and remembered just being amazed and loving Issa’s pictures.  She looked like a black goddess with some of the most beautiful physical features that only black women can glorify.  I loved that she worked out with weights as well.  Working out was never an issue for me.  I enjoy it immensely but no matter how hard I worked out there was no ignoring the big cake elephant in the room: you can’t outrun a bad diet.  Something had to change.

So I reached out to her on IG and asked if she might help me figure out my Meal plan.  She enthusiastically agreed to help, creating custom meal plans based on my fitness goals and exercise regimen.  I committed to giving it a good push for 3 weeks and after three weeks, I started seeing definition in my waist and legs.  Seeing that was all the proof I needed that nutrition is the key to revealing all the hard work you put into the gym.

Since then I have had two custom meal plans developed and I am progressing toward my body goals quite nicely.  I won’t lie, some days the world gets to me and my go to emotional pacifier food wins that day but I have learned to focus on progress not perfection.  Everyday is an opportunity to Learn and grow.  I have the meal plans to this day and use them cyclically to keep my progress on track. 

I am very grateful to Issa and her ability to really get to the heart of things.  Your nutrition will make or break your body goes.  Meal prepping is important.

And remember you can always start again. Don’t give up!!”

-Victoria Chiwara